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Technical Officer

The Centre for Geometric Biology and the Marine Evolutionary Ecology Group are seeking a Technical Officer to assist in a variety of research and administration tasks within these groups.

Plastic responses to changes in environment are not necessarily adaptive

Lukas Schuster and his supervisors, Craig White and Dustin Marshall, investigate whether changes in metabolic rates in response to different field environments are an example of adaptive phenotypic plasticity.

Geographical bias in physiological data limits predictions of global change impacts

Published in Functional Ecology.

Plastic but not adaptive: habitat‐driven differences in metabolic rate despite no differences in selection between habitats

Published in Oikos.

Multilevel selection on offspring size and the maintenance of variation

Published in The American Naturalist.

Female advantage to heat stress is negated by exposure to a pathogen

Tess Laidlaw and her colleagues have found that females had a higher upper limit of thermal tolerance than males but, when infected with a pathogen, this difference disappeared.

Hot spots on the X chromosome? Testing a classic theory of sexual antagonism

Filip Ruzicka and Tim Connallon challenge the theory that the X chromosome is a ‘hot spot’ for sexually antagonistic genetic polymorphism

Pathogen exposure reduces sexual dimorphism in a host’s upper thermal limits

Published in Ecology and Evolution.

Cell size influences inorganic carbon acquisition in artificially selected phytoplankton

Published in New Phytology.

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