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Mini symposium: 22 August

The Centre for Geometric Biology is holding a mini research symposium: a series of nine talks followed by informal discussion.

Research fellow position: Adaptive Dynamics Modeller

The Centre for Geometric Biology is currently seeking to recruit an experienced theoretical biologist experienced in adaptive dynamics modelling.

Research fellow position: Life History Empiricist

The Centre for Geometric Biology is currently seeking to recruit an experienced zooplankton biologist.

Conference season

Conference season is in full swing and members from the Centre will be presenting their research at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon, and the XIth International Larval Biology Symposium in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Environmental Microbiology Research Initiative seminar triple bill

Jeremy Barr, Chris Greening and Mike McDonald presented half-hour seminars as part of Environmental Microbiology Research Initiative (EMRI) at the University of Melbourne.

Should mothers provision their offspring equally? A manipulative field test

Published in Ecology Letters.

New ‘housing’ for tube worm populations to investigate the eco-evolutionary consequences of evolutionary shifts in body size

New research at the CGB aims to explore the impacts of declining body size. Research assistant Belinda Comerford is spawning spirorbids and has built an aquarium set-up to house the base populations.

Boldness traits, not dominance, predict exploratory flight range and homing behaviour in homing pigeons

Published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.

Do invasive species live faster? Mass-specific metabolic rate depends on growth form and invasion status

Published in Functional Ecology.

Skin sloughing in susceptible and resistant amphibians regulates infection with a fungal pathogen

Published in Scientific Reports.
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