Visiting academic: André de Roos


The Centre for Geometric Biology will be hosting a visit from André de Roos, Professor of Theoretical Ecology at the University of Amsterdam during November 2016.  André’s research interests focus on the relationship between individual life history, in particular developmental changes that relate to the size and shape of an organism over an individual’s lifespan (ontogenetic development), and the dynamics of populations and communities. Changes during ontogeny result in individuals playing a different ecological role in the different stages of their life history.

The main aspect of ontogenetic development is an increase in body size as every individual at least has to double in size before it can replicate itself. Since this type of growth requires energy, the rate at which individuals increase in size depends in most species on the food conditions these individuals experience.  André’s research is hence about the population and community ecology of ontogenetic development, in particular food-dependent growth. The results of this research were recently synthesized in a Princeton Monograph. See the accompanying webinars for a more detailed overview of André’s research.

André will also be presenting a seminar during his time at the Centre:

What:  When ecological principles break down: exploring the community consequences of ontogeny and energetics

When:  12 noon to 1 pm Friday 18 November 2016

Where:  Sanson Room (22 G01/02), Rainforest Walk, Monash University.