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The Centre for Geometric Biology’s Dustin Marshall and Hayley Cameron are returning to Oxford this month to finalise a project they have been working on with Tim Coulson, from the Zoology Department at the University of Oxford, as well as re-visit some favourite haunts, including the famous Eagle and Child pub and University Parks.

Oxford’s iconic Eagle And Child is one of Dustin’s favourite places to visit.
Hayley prefers a stroll through the picturesque University Parks.

This study investigates how phenotypic variation within species can mediate competitive dynamics among species.  In particular, they are interested in how life history traits (such as fecundity, growth and survivorship) are effected by competitive interactions and influence population dynamics and selection on body size.

As with many other CGB research projects, Hayley and Dustin have used sessile marine invertebrates as a model system and draw on the expertise of Professor Coulson to implement structured population models to formally integrate empirical estimates of trait-specific competition with competition theory.

Dustin will also be visiting the Netherlands to further the research collaboration with Andre de Roos who visited the CGB late last year, as well as attending an editorial meeting for Oikos in Sweden.